I am a мσηѕтєя
and I have ɴᴏ ᴏɴᴇ
to blame but
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rubyintheredridinghood whispered:

"Raise your hand if you’re a lil’ bit of an asshole."

i kind of really want to write various meta’s about chesh but I am clueless as to what to write upon.

dormouxe whispered:

"To quote Hamlet, act three, scene three, line ninety two, “no.”"

Ask Memes;; Tumblr Post Edition

        “Quoth ’Othello’,
        act one, scene one,
        line twenty three;


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dominatrick whispered:

"I love it when people try to hurt my feelings because I don’t have any."
Ask Memes;; Tumblr Post Edition

        “I myself also consider it enjoyable to witness
        how those themselves become distressed at my
        lack of emotional sentiment towards their insults.”

Ask Memes;; Tumblr Post Edition  


  • And then Satan said “put the alphabet in math”.
  • Sometimes I think I’m sassy and then I realise I’m just too sarcastic and borderline mean.
  • Do my dark undereye circles and unwashed hair turn you on? 
  • I love sunglasses! Am I looking at that tree? Am I looking at your dick? Who knows!
  • This is the police, open up, tell me about yourself, don’t be afraid.
  • Raise your hand if you’re a lil’ bit of an asshole. 
  • Why don’t people do random nice things for me? You know, send me a message, draw me, paint me, send me three hundred thousand dollars.
  • I am three years behind on math homework. 
  • I don’t like your clothes; take them off. 
  • What if you start making car alarm noises when people you don’t like touch you?
  • Hey, is your girlfriend seeing anyone?
  • I get butterflies when I think about myself. 
  • When you see a good body and you just can’t think of a good pun. IT’s dev-ass-tating.
  • Umm… hi. My friend wanted to know if you think I’m hot. 
  • To quote Hamlet, act three, scene three, line ninety two, “no.”
  • I never run voluntarily so if you see me running, you should probably run too because something must be coming. 
  • I’ve got a masters degree in being ignored. 
  • I will do a lot of things, but admitting to my mum that I’m cold after she told me to bring a jacket isn’t one of them. 
  • Dads are either too nice or assholes; there’s no in between.
  • On a scale of fake pockets to nachos, how good is your idea? 
  • I’m alive, but only ironically. 
  • I’ve been in a bad mood since two thousand and seven. 
  • No, you’re not as funny as me. Stop trying. 
  • Just suck my dick, bro. I said no homo like, five times. 
  • I love it when people try to hurt my feelings because I don’t have any. 
  • -sighs- Why am I better than everyone? 
  • I don’t trust people who can look good with messy hair. 
  • If my jokes offend you - one; I’m sorry. Two; it won’t happen again. Three; one and two are lies. Four; you’re a pussy. 
  • If I go to hell, I’m just going to torture everyone by continually asking if it’s hot in here of if it’s just me. 
  • My love is like a candle; if you forget me, I will burn your fucking house down. 
  • Let’s play a game called “Guess My Sexuality”. 
  • I’m angry and quite offended that you don’t have a crush on me. 
  • Are you from Europe because europiece of shit. 



     It was a reasonable reaction, she supposed; he was not one of
     her kind, he knew not who she was (which was refreshing in a
     way.) so instead of arguing her point, the flower merely allowed
     the aura that only she could see, the pastel haze, surround him.

         Still do chuckles burst from his lips, despite
         contemptible attempts to seal them kept to his
         own mind, as when his essence swell about him.
         It takes him noticeably a second or more so to
         quiet his giggles before realization comes upon
         a toned murk hovering about his bod. “Is this
         supposed to convince me that you can coax
         bliss within I?” Though his tone deceives, fascination
         hinders to his words.

empathetiic whispered:

"kicks you in the nose"

at first i read this as ‘kisses you in the nose’ and was seriously debating what life decisions lead to to try and eat my nose. but now i’m semi-okay with this.