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Currently in a lot of pain so my attention and focus is not the best. Sorry folks.


            i’m not okay

                           but if you ask me,

                                             i’ll say that i am

Are these a thing now?

I should really set up a Genderbent!AU one of these days instead of posting random Fem!shire opens :||

        “If any of you want to continue to call yourselves sane and to keep all parts intact then I would highly recommend to not say anything nor be any closer than twenty feet.”

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why you don’t know where you’ve waken up tomorrow morning, this will be why


         The pup bounced up and down on his heels. ❝No but
          you look exactly like him! He and I used to play around
          when we were children before he got all sad…❞ At his
          last words his excitement deflated for a few seconds
          before he began bouncing again. ❝But he lives right up
          the street! He’d love to meet you. Sherlock’s always for
          mysteries and I’m sure you’re a mystery to him!❞


     Watching the hound burst around him in a ball of excitement, his eyes look apart from him in disdain, emerald hues rolling under his eye lids before laying his glance back over. “Yes, I get that a lot. Not exactly taken as a compliment much anymore.” His brow furrow against each other. This male hadn’t looked to be the same age as his doppelganger, not even given a considerable range of years. ”I find that immensely hard to believe.” His tone is kept in a fluid tone of harsh bitterness, spitting out a few key words in his phrases. “I already know where Sherlock Homes lives and I’ve already met him. He’s already well aware of how becoming of an enigma I am.”